The aim of this project is to create an awareness of the mutual roots in European literature and culture. We want to find out which typical topics and cross currents we can find in European literature from the Middle ages till today. We also want to find out how a text is produced and re-produced through translation, adaptation or by being transferred to a different medium in a different culture. Our objective is two-fold: we want to work together in exploring the idea of cross-currents in national European literatures and then as a result of the project construct some ideas for a module in each school for the teaching of literature classes.
We chose literature as we think it can mirror the grandeur of the European project and make it possible to undertsand what the idea of "feeling European" is all about.

Results and outcomes

To achieve these objectives the following activities will be carried out:
a) As first step each school will draw an interactive timeline starting from the Middle Ages and will then add crucial points of its national as well as European history.
b) As a next step each nation will choose a selection of famous national writers and present them to the other nations (biography, works, famous quotes in original and translation)
c) At the end we will have a creative writing competition on a European topic. the best stories will be translated and presented in both languages (original and translation) and published in and E-zine

Meeting Calendar

  • Germany ( November 2010):
  1. Establish Comenius corners
  2. School and town presentations (ppt)
  3. Common website

  • Italy (April, 2011)
  1. Overview of national and European history (website)
  2. Presentations (Famous Middle Ages and 20 th century writers)
  3. Virtual Museum of Famous Writers